Saturday, June 2, 2012

The End of a Beginning

I have finally graduated high school! (emphasis on the finally). Most people say that this is the quickest four years of your life, but being realistic it was certainly the slowest. I'm not one for sugarcoating things, but high school just was not all I expected it to be. When thinking about my favorite memories, it would most definitely meeting the girls who are now my best friends. Without them I would have not gotten through these long four years, as they helped me get along the dreaded seven hour school days and countless hours of homework, projects, and "studying"... aka Facebook and Twitter. 

My one piece of advice for high school is to not sweat the small stuff. I remember sophomore year I exited the classroom after taking a geometry test and I just knew I failed. I studied, but I did not understand the material and knew that I was going to receive a poor grade on my test. I remember that this was a Friday so I had to worry about my test score the whole weekend. I remember thoughts running through my mind, "I failed. My teacher thinks I am so dumb. I am never going to get into college. I just ruined my future." In retrospect, I was overreacting. But at the time I thought it was the end of my world. Lets just say, yes I did fail that geometry test. Yes, it may have brought down my grade in the class but I am still going to the college that I have wanted to go to since sophomore year. To sum it all up, don't let one small slip up bog you down. My favorite quote is "never a failure, always a lesson." I took this test grade as a learning experience. I met with my teacher outside of class to understand the material for the final, and also went to the tutoring center in my high school to get additional help to make sure I was successful with the rest of my tests in math. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Your teachers are there to guide you, assist you, and be there for you. Take advantage of tutoring centers, your friends, or peers. There is always someone out there to help you!! 

Moving onto college is bittersweet. I am the only person from my high school going to the college of my choice next year. I am from Chicago and I am moving to the west coast for school. I am so excited for the change in climate, people, lifestyle, everything. The nerves have not really kicked in yet, but I am sure they will as I get closer. I am sad to be leaving my friends where most will be staying in the Midwest, and one is even traveling the world! I know that we will stay connected through Facebook chats and iChat video chatting, as well as texting (obviously). So, I am ending this with the fact that I am so excited to start a new chapter of my life. It is the end of a beginning :) 

xoxo Victoria

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  1. Great post, congrats on graduating! Excited to see new posts :) xx