Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spring & Summer Nailpolishes

 I have been going nail polish cRaZy lately! I have an obsession with getting mani/pedi's and painting my nails by myself in between! I have a horrible nail biting habit so keeping my nails perfectly polished is my only way to avoid the dreaded super short and brittle nails. Here are some of my favorites for the spring and summer!

LIGHTS by Essie
For graduation I got this color on my nails and toes! It is the perfect matte hot pink color from Essie's Poppy-Razzi collection. What I love about it is that it is vibrant without being neon, contrary to what essie's website believes it is. I think it is a perfect hot pink color to add to your collection and it definitely screams summer! Lights is a staple color because pinks and neons will always be in style. 
I was on the hunt for a perfect mint green color for the longest time. Every color I found resembled more of a candy-apple light green than a minty one. This is seriously my new favorite summer nail polish color. I just cannot get enough of it! It has a nice matte finish which looks perfect with adding some small silver glitter on top. The only flaw to this polish is that it takes many coats to get rid of the streakiness. Once I have it looking like it does in the picture, it seriously looks like a flawless salon done manicure!

by Nicole by OPI
Compared to the previous colors, this is not your traditional spring and summer polish. But if you want to change it up and go against the trends, this is certainly a fun way to do so! From the Kardashian Kolor Kollection, this is my new favorite glitter polish! It applies like a regular polish, not a glitter polish after three solid coats and dries so quickly. It has multi color blue and green glitters. I am just so in love with this color and I really recommend that everyone try it! It looks so fun and sparkly on your nails, and by my blog/youtube name I love glitter. 
BLUE AWAY by Sally Hansen
Last summer I was on the lookout for the perfect blue color, and this is what I found! A year later I am still obsessing over this gorgeous sky blue color that I found at Ulta. It does dry quickly, but nothing "instant" that the name suggests. I love having this color on my nails and toes. It is also a perfect color for an accent/party nail! I have Absoluetely Shore (above) by Essie on my nails and this color on my ring finger nail. It is such a fun way to give yourself a manicure by keeping up with the Summer nail polish trends and the accent nail trend. Overall, this matte blue color is such a fun way to brighten your nails without it being super neon. I use this color all the time and the bottle is till 3/4 of the way filled. I love the brush from this polish because it is short, but thicker so it really will get your whole nail in one quick swipe. The constancy is not goopy and goes on thick so not many coats are needed, hence why there is still 3/4 of the bottle left!

In the comments below, tell me what your favorite nail polish is for the spring and summer! Have you tried any of the ones above? Are you interested in trying any of them? 

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